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INdiaIRC in India at a glance      

The IRC team in India is led by Ruchika Shiva.

2 staff in India
1 staff in Bangladesh
1 staff in The Netherlands 
8 projects
5 donors
22 partners, collaborations or working groups
€ 120 thousand invested (2021)

$ 6,504 Gross Domestic Product per capita PPP
#131 Human Development Index ranking
1,413 m3 Renewable water resource per capita

data from 2021

Partner block

Chatrapur block in Ganjam district

2016 adoption of Chatrapur block as partner block
2016-2020 Watershed India
2022 Adoption of a new approach in India
2030 universal access to WASH in India

Transformative national schemes 

In India, national and state level government are committed to ensuring water and sanitation services for everyone. The national government's flagship scheme - the Schwachh Bharat Mission - is geared to deliver safe sanitation. While the Jal Jeevan Mission scheme and the Odisha state scheme are aimed at providing safe water. 

Requiring a different approach  

IRC in India is shifting from a district-based model to a market driven approach that will be tested in India, Bangladesh and South Asia more broadly. We aim to play a role as a sub-continent think tank, influencing and supporting states and countries to move faster in achieving safely managed water and sanitation services through systems thinking and approaches. 

Building forward 

We will focus on finance and institutions, planning and monitoring, gender and build alliances with sectors beyond water and sanitation, including those organising around young people, women, climate, health and education. 

IRC Asia programme

IRC Bangladesh programme


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