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Published on: 17/10/2022

Since the WHO/UNICEF Hand Hygiene for All Initiative's (HH4a) in 2020 - a call to governments and stakeholders to take action towards Universal Hand Hygiene, over 70 countries have globally committed to and have now invested resources and energy to strengthen policy and systems to accelerate progress. In India, a draft Country Road map has been developed and shared with the government.

This year UNICEF and partners around the world will unite to celebrate the Global Handwashing Day, with the theme - Unite for Universal Hand Hygiene.

Over the past 2 years, UNICEF India has partnered with multiple agencies including IRC; SIGMA and ISC – FICCI, and carried out 4 studies and initiatives, covering diverse aspects of the HW domain. These includes studies on

  1. Mapping Policies and Budgets for Hand Hygiene: A Study of Select Ministries/Departments in India – national, state and district levels -IRC
  2. Measuring Hand Hygiene for all: A framework for monitoring and reporting hand hygiene in India – IRC
  3. Bottleneck Analysis of hand hygiene programming with a focus on technical and operational issues preventing scaling-up in rural areas of India -SIGMA
  4. Promotion of Product Innovations & Business Solutions on HWWS - Innovation in Handwashing products and practices – ISC - FICCI

The studies are now complete. UNICEF Delhi is hosting a one-day workshop on 17 October 2022 in New Delhi to release the above study reports. Critical issues will be discussed. 

Read the full agenda

This hybrid workshop is being held in New Delhi, India, is being organised by UNICEF India together with IRC, the SIGMA foundation and the India Sanitation Coalition (ISC), FICCI from 09:00-17:00 IST.

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