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Our focus in Asia

Supporting institutions to carry out their mandate in the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene services. This includes assessing the adequacy of the available human resources and their capacities to deliver services as per national commitments.

Building capacities of local government institutions and civil society organisations to develop a vision and effectively plan for realising the vision. This includes imparting knowledge on the relevant policies, strategies, programmes and regulations.

Understanding the life-cycle costs of WASH services to attract adequate funding beyond infrastructure development for sustainable services.

Tracking progress towards the vision and informing annual planning and budgeting processes.

Facilitating cross-learning and sharing experiences at sub-national, national and regional levels to learn by doing and to replicate best practices.

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We collaborate with the following organisations in Asia

Aga Khan Foundation, Asian Development Bank, BRAC, Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability, Centre for Youth and Social Development, DORP, NEWAH, One Drop, SNV, SuSanA, Swiss Water & Sanitation Consortium, UNICEF, WASH Institute, WaterAid, Water For People, Water Integrity Network, and Welthungerhilfe.



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