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Published on: 28/04/2022

Panel discussion poster including participants

Youth4Water in collaboration with IRC is organising a panel discussion on ‘Youth for Climate Change, Water Resources and WASH’. The discussion aligns with this year’s World Earth Day theme viz – 'Invest in our planet'. The panelists will discuss climate change, water resources and WASH challenges faced by communities in India/Odisha and the solutions that we need to work for.

The panelists include 7 youths from the Indian state of Odisha and an international expert from IRC: 

  • Vivek Pandey, Session moderator, WASH, Swachh Bharat Mission – Gramin (SBM-G)
  • Sasmitha Mohapatra, Eco-entrepreneur
  • Kehav Saini, Youth engagement expert
  • Depan Digal, Tribal youth leader & social entrepreneur
  • Naresh Behera, Electronics & waste
  • Sarthak Sarangi, WASH expert
  • Smruti Swain, Climate-resilient agriculture expert
  • Arjen Naafs, Programme Officer, Lead for Water Resources and Climate Change, IRC

Join live on Facebook, April 29, 2022: 16:00-17:00 PM (IST) | 10:30-11:30 AM (GMT) | 12:30-13:30 PM (CEST)

You can send your questions to the panelists at: E-mail id:, WhatsApp: +91-8655078473, Facebook: Youth4Water Facebook or Youth4Water Public Group

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