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We are IRC

We are IRC

Every person in the world is entitled to the human right of safe water, sanitation and hygiene. We're out to make that a reality by supporting governments and their partners build sustainable services and strengthen the complex systems that sit behind them.


Delivering services, justice and opportunity

Water and sanitation are a gateway to justice and opportunity for people. This truth powers our mission. We are an international non-profit that prides itself in tackling root causes and delivering holistic solutions. Piecemeal charity does not work. Our ambitions stretch further and our interventions run deeper. Nothing less than sustainable safe services will do.  

Delivering in-country, impacting globally

We don't parachute in and out of countries. We are mostly citizens of the eight countries where we work: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, India, Mali, Niger and Uganda. We work directly with communities, experts, public servants and decision-makers. We facilitate collective action with Government, water utilities, the private sector, NGOs, citizen groups and entrepreneurs. Regionally and around the world we work with banks, donors and a range of institutions to support their effectiveness in delivering long-term solutions that last, not short-term projects that don't.  

Delivering strengthened systems, influencing to build common cause

With over half a century of experience, we know that safe water and sanitation services can only be achieved through resilient systems—the networks of people, institutions, hardware, investment and resources that deliver clean water to our taps that keeps us safe.  It is through our expertise in strengthening these systems that we drive improvements. We champion our systems approach globally and build alliances with wider leaders, experts and activists to build a common cause across the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting water and sanitation as a gateway to tackle wider challenges and injustices.


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