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Published on: 22/10/2020

 Jal Sathis, members of women-led Self Help Groups (photo from Communication Strategy report)

The Government of Odisha has launched an ambitious initiative "Drink from Tap Mission" to provide household water connections on the premises

The Drink from Tap Mission is an initiative of the Government of Odisha to reach everyone with 24/7 safe drinking water from a tap on-premise in urban localities. The government-owned Water Corporation of Odisha (WATCO) is implementing the programme with technical support from UNICEF and IRC. 

A key part of the Mission is communication: to ensure that the customers/ beneficiaries understand and can use the service in the intended manner and are able to share their feedback to the service provider. IRC supported the development of the communication strategy, which highlights the key elements of the service that needs to be communicated by WATCO and the possible channels that can be used for this communication. The Jal Sathis - women Self Help Groups (SHGs) members - are the face of this Mission in the communities and play a central role in the communication strategy.

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