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Sanitation and malnutrition: challenges and opportunities

TitleSanitation, water and hygiene together helps in improving nutritional outcomes : synthesis document
Publication TypeBriefing Note
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsIRC, India Sanitation Coalition, TARU Leading Edge
Secondary TitleInsights series
Pagination4 p.
Date Published06/2017
PublisherIRC, India Sanitation Coalition and TARU Leading Edge
Place PublishedNew Delhi, India
Publication LanguageEnglish

Malnutrition is a significant health problem, especially in India. A large part of undernutrition is linked to diarrhoea and other infections, which are caused by poor sanitation, unsafe water, and insufficient hygiene including not washing hands with soap. These factors have a direct impact on infectious diseases and are critical for preventing malnutrition.

Providing just infrastructure is not enough, communication and education are needed for successful implementation in the long-term. A singlehanded tactic will not take this forward and gathering a well-rounded perspective is essential.

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