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Indicators for hand hygiene monitoring in households, schools and health care centres, for policy makers, implementors and citizens.

TitleMeasuring hand hygiene for all : a framework for monitoring and reporting hand hygiene in India
Publication TypeManual
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsSaha, S, Shiva, R, Baetings, E, Krukkert, IJ
Pagination35 p. : 5 boxes, 2 fig., 12 tab.
Date Published07/2022
PublisherIRC and UNICEF India
Place PublishedNew Delhi, India
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordshousehold hygiene; management information systems

This document presents a framework for hand hygiene in India with a focus on households, schools and health care centres. It is aimed at policy makers, implementors and citizens. The framework includes six categories of indicators: infrastructure; accessibility; awareness and practice; capacity building, policy; and impact. Per indicator the framework includes the frequency and method of data collection. It also highlights those indicators that are captured in existing management information systems (MIS) or in periodical government surveys. 

The description of the framework itself is preceded by a brief review of the health, economic and social benefits of hand hygiene; a presentation of the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) service ladder data for hygiene for households and schools in India; and an overview of the country's national hand hygiene monitoring systems.

The framework is an outcome of the project on "Assessing financial possibilities in existing schemes and capacity requirements for hygiene programming in India", supported by the UNICEF India Country Office. It is based on the webinar, 'Measuring Handwashing with Soap: The What and How of Monitoring and Evaluating Hand Hygiene Interventions', organised on 5th November 2020.


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