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March 26, 2020, Nairobi, Kenya: A local designer David Avido is seen in his self made face mask. Credit Image: © Donwilson Odhia

Credit Image: © Donwilson Odhiambo/ZUMA Wire

We all experienced the fast-evolving corona virus pandemic and its impacts on people's health, school attendance and livelihoods. As a response, IRC, being an evidence-based organisation working in public health, brought together resources and tools, both from our own work in countries and of the work by our partners. Resources to support our local district and national leaders in water and sanitation in the countries where we work, to face the crisis in supporting local set priorities

We want to reference the excellent list of resources that has been compiled by the Sanitation and Water for All, on COVID-19 and WASH, to support governments, partners, service providers and international organisations to deliver a response to the global health crisis.

We need to remind the world of the value of ensuring strong WASH systems that transform lives and pull together to make them happen.

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