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Published on: 07/05/2020

On April 29, 2020 the Honduran Roundtable for WASH in Emergencies (MESA) held an online meeting to monitor and follow up on actions that the different organisations have been implementing within the framework of the Coordination Plan for the preparedness and response of the WASH sector to COVID-19. They wanted to learn about the challenges and needs that are limiting an effective and comprehensive response to help the vulnerable and affected population.

Participants of the meeting included members of Para Todos Por Siempre (PTPS) and officials from some urban providers who are members of the Honduran Association of Providers of Water and Sanitation Services (AHPSAS). The president of the Association shared current activities as well as difficulties they are facing in maintaining quality and continuity of services. There is a decrease in income as users are not able to pay and this threatens the financial status of service providers.

Several participants suggested that MESA takes on a more prominent role to ensure that Government provides greater support to the WASH sector. This should include safety response work and support to communities, the creation of financial relief mechanisms for service providers and import and distribution of products to improve access to drinking water services.

MESA has developed a monitoring format that allows organisations to compile and share information about their response actions and the challenges they face. This will enable them to track progress of the Emergency Coordination Plan, collect lessons learned, formulate adaptations and future steps to take. Every two weeks MESA will hold an online meeting to share, reflect and coordinate joint actions.


This article has been translated from Spanish, the original version can be found here.

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