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Shubho Broto has worked with 200+ entrepreneurs globally and is currently leading a boutique strategic design, communication, and marketing studio for creative brand incubation. He supports business scale-up with highly engaging advertising campaigns using new and traditional media channels.

He is also an innovation consultant with Ennovent (an impact fund for social enterprises) where he works with start-ups in raising their first round of investment/funding by refining their business model for sustainability, impact, and scale. His unique approach of structured coaching mixes the elements of the lean business model, design thinking, and GSBI boost program. He works with social enterprises, corporate organisations, multi/bilateral agencies and government institutions on innovation projects by testing and implementing a proof of concept. As a consultant, he has recently worked with UN Foundation, WWF, Govt. of Japan, USAID on several engagements related to due diligence and capacity building programs.