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A Bollywood film has raised awareness about menstrual hygiene, but there's more to it than just sanitary pads.

TitlePad Man and menstrual hygiene management with Kathy Walkling and Dr Padmalya Das
Publication TypeAudiovisual
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWalkling, K, Das, P
Secondary TitleWASH Talk
Pagination19m 31s
Date Published05/2018
Place PublishedThe Hague, the Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish

What effect has the Pad Man Bollywood film had on the topic of menstruation in India? Social entrepreneur Kathy Walkling from Eco Femme and Associate Professor Dr Padmalaya Das, from the Asian Institute of Public Health (AIPH) talk to host Andy Narracott about the economic, social, health and environmental issues linked to menstrual hygiene management, especially in relation to the use of disposable and reusable menstruation products.





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