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The challenge

Conflict, emergencies, and ongoing reforms are impacting all development activities in Ethiopia. The revised National Water Policy and Strategy has not yet been endorsed, while the country is home to millions of people without access to safe drinking water. 

The opportunity

Coincidentally, it is in a time of instability that a WASH systems approach can have its greatest opportunity. We believe continued engagement with government and communities is vital to achieving the ambition of SDG6. A systems approach is the only approach that has a chance to succeed. 

Partnerships for change

We continue to strengthen our partnerships at district, regional and national levels - through multi stakeholder platforms and working groups focused on key themes such as market-based sanitation, climate-resilient WASH, finance and systems strengthening and by being a strong ally to South Ari and Negelle Arsi local governments in the implementation of their district WASH master plans.

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