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The WASH Systems Academy

The WASH Systems Academy

The learning platform for water, sanitation and hygiene systems strengthening

Everyone can contribute to making universal access to clean water, safe sanitation and good hygiene a reality.


The WASH Systems Academy is a global and multi-lingual platform that strives to make courses accessible and relevant. We synthesise the latest thinking on system strengthening for water, sanitation and hygiene (commonly abbreviated as WASH) services and support it with concrete practical examples and tools from around the world. Whether you are a student, at the start of your career or a senior expert, in government or the private-sector, the Academy is there for you to understand what systems strengthening is all about and how you can integrate it in your work.

The basics course is our introduction to systems strengthening and sets the foundation for our specialist courses. The specialist courses dive deeper into specific elements of system strengthening such as advocacy, finance and fundraising, with new exciting courses in development. All our online courses are self-guided and self-paced and we are increasingly offering blended learning opportunities, mixing the online courses with live virtual training sessions and in-person workshops. Would you like to partner with us for a course or blended learning workshop? Find out more on how to do so below.

Our courses are designed to collectively improve capacities globally.

3600+ enrolments and growing  |  110 countries represented  |  95% of users recommend the course

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