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The WASH Systems Academy

The WASH Systems Academy

The learning platform for water, sanitation and hygiene systems strengthening

Meet our global team

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Introducing the IRC staff supporting you in the WASH Systems Academy

Course development and WASH Systems Academy Lead

Jeske Verhoeven

Support, communications, and design

Dechan Dalrymple
Michael Bationo
Tettje van Daalen
Marion Giese

Course facilitators and consultants

Gezahegn Boru
Ruchika Shiva
Mohamed Kane
Olivier Kanangire
Bénigne Mugwaneza Ishimwe
Abubakari Wumbei
Hilaire Dongobada
Chabi Cyrille Eteka
Elynn Walter

Podcast hosts and voice actors

Vera van der Grift
Aminata Sylla

We also have a group of international WASH experts from a range of organisations that have completed these courses and have joined as volunteers to stimulate discussions in the course fora and respond to the exercises. 


A message from the facilitator 

Facilitators and selected learners share their experiences about the training they have supported or followed. 


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