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Amall is currently an intern for the IRC WASH Systems Academy to help develop the programme for the next 5 years. She will be looking into potential changes to the courses to allow them to be more accessible and effective such as different cost revenues, different user engagements.

She has recently graduated from Civil and Transportation Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton. Her dissertation was based on WASH and completed voluntary work on livelihoods development in Tanzania. This assignment allowed her to explore a comparison of the MDGs to SDGs in regards to WASH, whilst researching past field work on how development is going and how it's being hindered. Her voluntary work in Tanzania allowed her to see not only the effects of livelihoods within the community but also the impact WASH had on the family she lived with. These experiences have definitely encouraged her pursuit for a career on the development of WASH systems. She is looking for a career to help everyone have access to clean water all around the globe and feels this internship is a step in the right direction. 

She also volunteers for the Youth COVID Response Teams with Raleigh International to help tackle the effects COVID has had on the youth and their mental health.