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Published on: 05/10/2020

For the past five years, the Watershed empowering citizens programme has proudly been championing the voice of civil society. It's been guided by the simple truth that with the right tools, strategies and partnerships, citizens are able to amplify the needs of their communities, hold those in power to account and improve lives.

We are excited to share a series of videos celebrating the passion, courage and grit of all the individuals tirelessly fighting to make water, sanitation services a reality for all, starting with their communities.

Watch. Be inspired. Be like them. Raise your voice.

Listen to their advice. If they can do it so can you.
Well informed citizens hold their citizens accountable | Julius from Kenya

Citizens who know how to speak up, can realise change | Kohinoor from Bangladesh

People can do a lot on their own to manage their water resources | Nelson from Uganda

Access to water and sanitation is a human right for all | Valentine from Kenya

Organised civil society is needed to channel the needs of their communities | Golap Jan from Bangladesh

Sustainable water, hygiene, and sanitation require collaboration of all stakeholders | Pamela from Uganda

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