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Published on: 19/04/2023

Olivier Kanangire is the Senior WASH governance Expert working at IRC for the Isoko y'Ubuzima Project in Rwanda

How are you using E-learning at the district level? Can you share your experiences with that? Did it work?

The training at the district level through E-learning via the WASH Systems Academy is a new approach for the district specifically for training district staff in WASH-related fields. It was successful because the training is provided in a blended set-up with face-to-face sessions and virtual training through the WASH Systems Academy's online platform.

What is working well and what isn't?

District staff with intrinsic motivation find E-learning through the WASH Systems Academy the best way to take some courses while still performing their usual duties at work.

What is not working well is sometimes the lack of internet since most of them follow the courses away from the office.

What are the benefits of using E-learning?

There are many benefits to using E-learning such as: to get basic and advanced knowledge related to WASH through the systems strengthening approach, being equipped with knowledge and skills required for WASH professionals, and getting the opportunity to interact with other participants on the platform.

 What are the challenges?

The main challenge is a low rate of completion compared to the number of enrolments.

What would be your tips for others?

When organising a training for district staff, it is better to have the training away from the district office to ensure that the participants are only focusing on the training. And to ensure that there is a stable internet connection for all participants at the training venue.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

In order to increase the completion rate, it is good to organise webinars to motivate the participants to complete the courses via the WASH Systems Academy.

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