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Published on: 06/07/2015

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation's Vice president for programs, Mr Ed Cain and Director for International programs Shaheen Kassim –Lakha, will be meeting Grantees and Government of Ghana Partners at the Community Water & Sanitation Agency (CWSA) in Accra.The aim of the visit is to enhance capacities of grantees, District Assemblies and CWSA to work together to effectively to deliver sustainable water services in 13 districts in Ghana. 

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss how the catalytic funding is fostering leveraging of resources and building capacities to work together to effectively manage the assets financed by the Foundation (and others) to provide safe and reliable water services in Ghana. Over the years, the grantees have worked towards bringing safe and reliable drinking water to the rural poor in Ghana. Continuing from the successes chalked, there was the need to synergise and to maximise the collective impact of the diverse but complementing efforts. The funding from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to implement the "Strengthening Local Government Capacity to Deliver Water Services" Project (a three year project) was therefore timely.

Presentations at this meeting will include: an overview of the project; the role of Government of Ghana in the delivery of water services and how this is being facilitated by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation grant and; of aspects of respective partners work as part of the collaborative effort to improve sustainability of water services. These will be followed by a plenary discussion on partners' perspectives on how the collaborative partnership is enhancing the capacity of Grantees, District Assemblies and CWSA to work together to provide safe and reliable water services.

The participating organisations are IRC, WaterAid, World Vision International, Safe Water Network, Desert Research Institute and the Community Water and Sanitation Agency participating as the government host organisation.


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