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A. M. van der Horst, An inventory of water supply and sanitation schemes constructed by Support Rural Water Supply Department Project. Netherlands / Support Rural Water Supply Department Project, Dhamar, Yemen, p. iv, 26 p. + annexes (ca. 100 p.) : tab., 1990.
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J. Harnmeijer, The NGO in rural water supply : review of CHAAP's work. ETC, Leusden, The Netherlands, p. 32 p.: map, tab., 1990.
N. L. Royal Hask Nijmegen, Operation and maintenance : vol. II : operation and maintenance manual. Royal Haskoning, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, p. various paging, 1990.
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Z. Ministry o ZW, Project management handbook for water supply and sanitation projects. Zimbabwe, Department of Environmental Health Services, Harare, Zimbabwe, p. 136 p.: fig., 1990.
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C. Direction CG, Republique Populaire du Congo. Modele de maintenance des installations de point d'eau amenage ; Projet pilote de l'hydraulique villageoise au Congo, in Quinzieme reunion du Conseil des Ministres, Ouagadougou, 19-23 fevrier 1990 : compte rendu des journees techniques, 1990, p. 11, 14 p.
H. A. Mengers, Sarma, S., and D'Cruz, M., Research on community based public-private partnership in the effective management of urban infrastructure, vol. no. 5. Human Settlement Management Institute, New Delhi, India, p. 204 p.: fig., tab., 1990.
Union of African Water Suppliers -Abidjan, IC, Union africaine des Distributeurs d'Eau, Seminaire de Lome, 20-22 Mars 1990. Union of African Water Suppliers (Union africaine des Distributeurs d'Eau), Abidjan, Ivory Coast, p. 4 vol., 1990.
N. L. D. H. V. - Amersfoort, Arnhem, N. L. Euroconsul, and Maarssenbroek, N. L. Agro Visio, Short-term mission to Rada water supply and sanitation project and Dhamar health improvement and waste disposal project : inventory of training institutes in the Yemen Republic. Euroconsult, Arnhem, The Netherlands, p. 16 p. + annexes (ca. 45 p.): fig., tab., 1990.
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C. Wanjala, Syllabus for well committees' seminar. Kefinco, Helsinki, Finland, p. 39 p. : drwng., 1990.
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J. A. Vos, Village water reservoirs project Tamale, Ghana : halfyearly report Jan 1990. SAWA, Tamale, Ghana, p. 37 p. + 10 p. ann.: tab., 1990.
H. van Wichen, Village water supply project : education manual. Zambia, Department of Water Affairs, Solwezi, Zambia, p. 32 p. : ill., 1990.
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M. S. Muller and Plantenga, D., Women and habitat : urban management, empowerment and women's strategies, vol. no. 321. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: KIT Publishers, 1990, p. 40 p.: tab., photogr.


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