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F. W. Odera, Karanja, J. N., and Ombai, M., The approach for sustainable rural water supply in Nyanza province, Kenya, presented at the 1990-01-01, Kisumu, Kenya, 1990, p. 76 p. : fig., map, tab.
UP Development Systems Corporation -Lucknow, IN, UPDESCO, Community participation in rural water supply and sanitation : field actions and sharing of experiences in bilateral programme in Uttar Pradesh, presented at the 1990-01-01, Lucknow, India, 1990, p. 29 p.: fig., photogr.
B. A. Doyle, Community participation towards greater self-reliance in rural water supplies. London School of Economics, Dept. of Social Science and Administration, London, UK, p. iv, 51 p., 1990.
E. Lacey, Comparison between hand dug and hand augered wells : based on experiences in Zambia and Zimbabwe. p. 17 p.: fig., tab., 1990.
S. Babala, Cost analysis in rural water supply in Mbeya Region, Tanzania, vol. no. 42. Tampere, Finland: Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Water and Environmental Engineeri, 1990, p. 50 p.: fig., tab.
A. K. Susheela and Ghosh, G., Defluoridation of drinking water : a reality and not a controversy in India. S.n., New Delhi, India, p. 14 p.: photogr., 1990.
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C. O. Suna- Hisca Bogota, El agua y la salud. Chusos, Bogota, Colombia, p. 42 p.: drawing, 1990.
U. Winblad and Nordberg, E., Environmental hygiene in SIDA-supported programmes in Africa : review and recommendations. SIDA, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Stockholm, Sweden, p. 69 p.: fig., tab., 1990.
P. Roark, Evaluation guidelines for community-based water and sanitation projects, vol. no. 64. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. v, 80 p., 1990.
ter M. Brugge, Humane internationalism in action : a comparative analysis of Dutch and Swedish bilateral official development assistance in relationship to rural drinking water programmes in India. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, p. iii, 245 p.: tab., 1990.
I. N. D. A. N. I. D. A. - Bhubaneshwar, India Mark II handpumps with open top cylinders in low lift application : performance report, 1986-1989. DANIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bhubaneshwar, India, p. 35, 64 p. : fig., tab., 1990.
I. N. Netherland Delhi, Indo-Dutch co-operation in drinking water supply and sanitation programmes in India. Netherlands Embassy, India, New Delhi, India, p. 28 p.: fig., maps, photogr., 1990.
R. J. Krol, Investigations of the NWS&DB Bandarawela water supply schemes Wellawaya, Welimada, Thanamalwila. Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, p. 74 p.: fig., 1990.
I. N. U. N. I. C. E. F. - Ne Delhi, Delhi, I. N. Centre for, and IN, I. Rajiv Gand, National colloquium on role of women in water resource management : report : 16-18 August, India International Centre, New Delhi, India. Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi, India, p. 71 p., 1990.
J. Harnmeijer, The NGO in rural water supply : review of CHAAP's work. ETC, Leusden, The Netherlands, p. 32 p.: map, tab., 1990.
I. N. U. N. I. C. E. F. Reg Delhi, Delhi, I. N. World Bank, and IN, I. Rajiv Gand, Proceedings of the national workshop on potential improvements in India Mark II deepwell handpump design : May 24 & 25, 1990, India International Centre, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi. World Bank Regional Water and Sanitation Group South Asia, New Delhi, India, p. 92 p.: fig., tab., 1990.
M. A. Barry, Rapport d'activite sur les experimentations de pompes a motricite humaine en hydraulique villageoise. Comite Interafricain d'Etudes Hydrauliques (CIEH), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. a-e, 84 p.: fig., tab., 1990.
I. N. U. N. I. C. E. F. Reg Delhi, Delhi, I. N. World Bank, and IN, I. Rajiv Gand, Report on field testing in Coimbatore of the standard India Mark II and open top cylinder India Mark III pumps. World Bank Regional Water and Sanitation Group South Asia, New Delhi, India, p. ca. 130 p.: fig., tab., 1990.
P. Evans, Review of water supply situation and associated issues in Herero region, Namibia, 18-21 September 1990. UNICEF, Windhoek, Namibia, p. 13 + 9 p., 1990.
S. B. Thapa and Spreen, E., Solid waste management with people's participation : posters of a cooperation project. Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilization Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal, p. 35 p.: mainly photogr., 1990.


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