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A commune with a plan

Torodi commune is a rural population of 96,000 people. The commune is becoming increasingly urban with its town populations expected to double by 2030. With the support of its partners (Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, IRC and World Vision), Torodi has developed a Communal Strategic Plan for Water and Sanitation for the period 2018-30. It focuses on key development opportunities and entry points to strengthen water systems and services – health care facilities and schools.

The focus: health care facilities and schools

There is a long way to go to achieve safe water services in education and health facilities. In 2019, 13 out of 29 health care facilities in Torodi had access to basic WASH services. In Torodi, ffrom 160 schools overall, 26 schools had basic water services, seven had basic sanitation services, and eight had basic facilities for handwashing with soap.

What's next

The first steps are being taken. We're improving services in health care facilities and schools. We're building confidence and systems thinking with local authorities and partners. This confidence will be expanded to delivering household-level services in these communes.

Download the District WASH master plan of Torodi [in French].

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