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NigerIRC Niger at a glance      

The IRC team in Niger led by Boukari Ousmane
2 staff
6 projects
5 donors
4 partners, collaborations or working groups
242 thousand invested 

$ 1,288 Gross Domestic Product per capita PPP
#189 Human Development Index rank
1,517 m3 Renewable water resource per capita

data from 2021

Partner districts

Makalondi and Torodi in the region of Tillabéri

2018 Makalondi + Torodi districts develop WASH master plan
2019 selection of Niger as focus country
2019-2029 master plan implementation
2030 100% coverage in schools + health care facilities in Makalondi + Torodi

Challenged, but with big ambitions

One of the poorest countries in the world. With limited natural resources. Suffering from climate and insecurity related disasters. Yet, the government's Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth Strategy (SDDCI) 2035, gives the country a strategic vision: to become a modern, democratic and united country, which is well-governed, peaceful and open to the world, and with an emerging economy. 

Districts as our entry point

One of the priorities in the government's strategy is 'human capital development' by ensuring, among other things, access to drinking water. In 2018, under the umbrella of the Safe Water Strategy, IRC and World Vision started to support two districts in developing their district WASH master plans: Makalondi and Torodi. These plans outline long-term WASH priorities, and provide a roadmap to follow. The vision is to reach everyone with safe water and sanitation services in the communes by 2030 starting with achieving 100% coverage in schools and health care facilities.

Master plan progress

The master plans are being currently implemented and IRC is providing technical assistance to local government and improving WASH services, primarily focusing on health care facilities. Our district-based work serves as a model to influence national policies and support national systems strengthening.

Download the master plans
District WASH plans of Makalondi and Torodi

Learn about our work in the districts in
Working together for safe water in Niger: the journey so far

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