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TitleTransformation of public service management: a journey in organisation change
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsNayar, V
Date Published03-2013

Public services are under intense pressure to improve their performance. Poor institutional
performance and effectiveness is one of the key reasons for service delivery failures. Any
improvement requires fundamental transformation of public management in the creation of
common Purpose, involvement of the People, integrity of the Process and the inclusiveness in
Although one size does not fit all, there are seven key steps which can help embed change in public
management, namely:

i. Identify and communicate the problem
ii. Coalesce and deploy the vanguard
iii. Anchor collective introspective workshops (Muttram)
iv. Share a dream, create a bottom-up vision
v. Encourage experimentation
vi. Institutionalise the change
vii. Reinforce a change culture

The CAN organisational change model is focused on bringing about change endogenously. Its results
across differing contexts and geographies re-establish our faith in public service organisations and
elucidate the possibility of a bottom up paradigm shift in governance which is people centric and
institutionally responsive. Decisive efforts are required to scale up such transformative endeavours
to establish institutional change processes across the country for sustainable investments, improved
welfare and satisfied citizens.




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