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TitleA new innovative water cleaning and recycling system for household water : not for potable drinking water!
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBrandt, B
Date Published2013-01-01
PublisherRegulus teknikutveckling - Sweden
Place Publishedsweden
Keywordscleaning, innovations, multiple-use of water, wastewater recycling, water use

A new innovative environmental friendly and scalable water cleaning and recycling system with an expected hugh reduction capacity of water usage is presented. The reduction capacity is estimated to be up to 3.500 percent per person, calculated on Swedish water usage of 175-200 liter per day/person. The average use (loss of water) is estimated to be around 2,5–4.5 liters of potable water per person and day for showering, washing hands and do the dishes. That loss of water needs to be refilled into the system. Preliminary size: 2.200 x 2.200 x 500-600 mm. System volume: from 800–900 liters. The solution is both for indoor deployments in colder climate and for outdoor deployments in warmer climate. From a Swedish perspective there will be a estimated drop from 65.000-73.000 liters of water per person and year down to around 2.000 liters of water per person and year that will be used for showering, washing hands and do the dishes. This scalable water cleaning & recycling system can be integrated in the house ordinary water and waste water piping system if they have such a system and mounted outside the house on the south sunny side or inside. In the kitchen a new water crane for the recycled water, can be mounted on the kitchen-sink/bench (with a children clasp if needed) together with a new slushy-sink where disposals such as leftovers from food, liquids such as milk, coffee, tea, chocolate, juice, lemonade, alcohol etc. will be put into. A loose inner pod/basin that is receivable can be used instead due there are many hundred million households that don’t have a kitchen-sink. The slushy water will be used for irrigating flowers and vegetables. Slushy biomass will be put in a compost or topsoil toilette. [authors abstract]

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