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Published on: 18/03/2016

Burkina Faso

Wherever you are, water is essential for life. We use water to drink, cook, grow, clean, wash, flush and shower. Today on World Water Day we want to give people who keep the water running a big high five.

Every year on 22 March people worldwide celebrate World Water Day. Who brings you your daily water? And who makes sure you keep it, every single day? In The Netherlands, the government and water companies are doing a good job to provide a 24/7 service. They use taxes and tariffs to get clean water running through reliable pipes, which eventually exits your tap.

Professionals needed

It requires skilled water professionals to do a good job. They need to know where to install, how to repair and when to maintain their water systems. That is why we at IRC believe in working with government. We work with them to train their professionals and get good national systems in place that oversee the water services provided. World leaders made a promise to tackle the lack of services before 2030, and we need skilled professionals in a working system to get it done. Read why the African water sector needs qualified staff in all disciplines, not just engineering.

Susan and the hand pump mechanics

Susan Alobo from Uganda is a good example. She is a mechanic in Lira District, and it is her job to repair pumps in the village when they break down. Susan may be the only woman doing so, but as collecting water is considered a woman's job in Uganda, she is proud to be part of the team.

Susan is a member of the Hand Pump Mechanic Association - a crew supported by the Ugandan government and IRC and responsible for monitoring and repairing hand pumps in rural Uganda. The concept is quite simple: the government hires mechanics from the association, they in turn make sure all villages have running water. Read Susan's story here.

Innovation accelerator for rural sanitation

Today Ennovent, IRC and TARU Leading Edge are proud to launch the Sanitation Innovation Accelerator 2016 in India. This new initiative offers entrepreneurs a platform to scale innovations. Interested? Learn all about it here.

Share your experiences about jobs that keep the water running. Get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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