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Published on: 01/12/2021

The Asutifi North Ahonedie Mpontuo (ANAM) partnership has since inception made steady progress towards the advancement of a collective vision of providing sustainable access to safe WASH services in the district, and effort is currently underway to extend WASH services to the hard to access communities and schools.

About 32% of the rural population in Asutifi North District do not have access to improved water facilities, and 21 of the 49 communities in the district have no water services. They are hard to access and scattered settlements that require an innovative mix of technologies to supply them with water. Also, 37% of the 73 public schools in the district do not have access to basic drinking water services on school premises. Pupils resort to collecting water outside the school area from sources that are often unimproved. This affects both teaching and learning.

The Latter-Day Saints Charities, under the ANAM initiative, identified this challenge and is investing in expanding water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services to schools and hard-to-reach communities - towards universal WASH coverage in the district, leaving no one behind. This video shows the WASH situation of the schools and hard-to-access communities and the drive under the ANAM initiative to achieve services for everyone by 2030.


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