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Presentations of the seminar on sanitation and governance

Published on: 04/08/2011

List of presenters and presentations

This list contains the presentors and the titles of the presentations (translated into English) of the seminar on sanitation and governance, organised by IRC together with RRAS-CA (Red Regional de Agua y Saneamiento de Centro-America) and RAS-ES (Red de Agua y Saneamiento de El Salvador ) in February 2010. By clicking the links in this list you will be directly lead to the original presentation in Spanish.

  1. Presentation: an introduction to the seminar.
  2. Governance and sanitation services: an introduction (Stef Smits, The Netherlands)
  3. Sanitation governance in El Salvador (Roberto Avelar, El Salvador)
  4. Looking for sustainable sanitation in Honduras  (Presentation by Eduardo Sanchez, presented by Luis Romero, Honduras)
  5. Community organisation and participation in water management (Fabian Gonon Ortiz, Guatemala)
  6. Governance of urban environmental sanitation (Stef Smits, The Netherlands)
  7. Participatory sanitation at school (Diana Betancourt, Honduras)
  8. Models for community water management supporting sustainable sanitation (Irene Enriquez, Guatemala)
  9. Experiences with decentralised water services in El Salvador (Rafael Andrade, El Salvador)
  10. Capacity building as a generator for governance (Irma Peredo, Bolivia)
  11. Running integrated and sustainable water and sanitation projects (Allan Torres, Honduras)
  12. Corruption and approaches to strengthen accountability, transparency and integrity in sanitation (and water) (Stef Smits, The Netherlands)
  13. Inclusive markets for sanitation (Josias de la Cruz, Peru)
  14. Sanitation governance requieres a radical paradigm shift (Ron Sawyer, Mexico)
  15. A regional alliance to improve WASH in schools (Mark Duey, United States)
  16. The work of the water and sanitation network in El Salvador, RAS-ES (Gloria de Avila, El Salvador)
  17. The EcosanRes 2 programme and the knowledge nodes (presentation by Madeleine Fodge, presented by Ron Sawyer)