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We're working to improve the lives of people in rural communities - uniting them to drive change from the ground up. Our road-map for municipal change ensures everyone knows and plays their part in service delivery.

Access to WASH services: basic water 92% | basic sanitation 80% (open defecation 7%) | hygiene 84% (source, JMP)

Our team of two is based in Tegucigalpa, the capital city. It supports the Para Todos Por Siempre initiative providing technical assistance to both national level agencies and municipalities.

A middle income country with close to universal access to water, Honduras nevertheless faces challenges in delivering last mile WASH services to remote rural citizens and pockets of the poor.  IRC's works to support the national Para Todos Por Siempre (everyone forever) initiative, helping local governments and implementing NGOs to test tools and solutions to drive towards universal service delivery. The objective is to develop a model for service delivery that will provide access to everyone in the 17 municipalities - and that can be scaled to cover the whole country.  IRC also works closely with national level actors on WASH policy.  Our team is hosted by is hosted by CONASA, the national government body responsible for regulating the water and sanitation sector.

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