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Published on: 10/09/2014

In 2013, Dutch development policy shifted from aid to trade as the primary engine of sustainable, inclusive growth. In conflict-affected and post-conflict countries and fragile states the focus remains on aid. But in low- and middle-income countries with growing economies, the new Dutch policy combines aid and trade. And in Brazil, China, Colombia and some other countries, the policy promotes trade and investment with activities that will contribute to economic growth and employment in the Netherlands.

Can the new trade-based approach help ensure that every person in the world enjoys safe water, sanitation and hygiene, now and forever? What is the role for NGOs and private sector within the government’s new agenda? 

These are the issues up for discussion at the 3rd IRC event ‘The limits of aid, the future of trade’? on 17th September 2014 in The Hague.

This event will be co-hosted by the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) and supported by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

There will be a brief introduction to the topic by key presenters; this will be followed by a cross-fire debate with participation of prominent policy makers at DGIS and representatives of both the NGO and private sector.

Key Note speakers include:

  • Christiaan Rebergen, Deputy Director-General for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
  • Ariette Brouwer, Director of Simavi
  • Hielke Wolters, Managing Director of Aquanet

 Panellists are:

  • Patrick Moriarty, CEO IRC
  • Roel Martens, Sr Advisor at the Director-General for Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
  • Joop Colsen, Founder of Colsen BV
  • Sascha Gabizon, Director WECF
  • Wout Korving, co-founder and senior advisor of RebelGroup

The moderator is Paul van Koppen.

Download the event programme (includes the outline of the event, short bios of the keynote speakers and the panelists) see below

For more information read the background note: Aid and trade : implications for the future of WASH

See also: Dutch development policy on water, sanitation and hygiene

About the event:

When: 17th September, 17.00 – 19.30 pm followed by drinks

Venue: 7AM (Buitenhof 47, 2513 AH Den Haag)

Register at:

About IRC Events:

IRC runs thematic events in The Hague, open to all interested parties. They aim to bring together professionals to network and discuss hot topics in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. They are forward looking and multidisciplinary in nature presenting the latest thinking from governments, NGOs, private sector and academia.

The two past events were:  “Death of the hand pump” and "Can we avoid rehabilitation programmes?"

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