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Published on: 23/08/2012


Dr. Kurian Baby visits one of the recharged wells. Photo: The Hindu

A new video highlights India’s largest [1] well recharge programme in Thrissur, Kerala. The Mazhapolima participatory well recharge programme was initiated in May 2008 and aims to (eventually) recharge about 450,000 dug wells in the district, through community awareness and action. It was set up by former Thrissur District Collector, Mr. Kurian Baby, who now works as Senior Programme Officer, South Asia & Latin America Team at IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre.

[1] S. Vishwanath, Preparing for the monsoon rains, The Hindu, 26 May 2012

Read the programmme concept note and process document.

For more information on recharge well case studies and technology go to the India Water Portal.

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