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Published on: 06/09/2021

Key outcomes from Mali

We work with our partner World Vision to support the mayors of Nossombougou, Ouolodo, and Tioribougou districts to improve access to basic water services in health care facilities and schools. These are the entry points to wider systems strengthening.

Thirty-four schools and six health centres across the three districts now have basic water services, and 20 of these schools also have basic sanitation and facilities for handwashing with soap.

We have also secured commitment and funding for the capital needed to work towards achieving the water vision of the master plans.

Political buy-in for the partnership's work is clearly visible. As a result of trainings we facilitated, local WASH structures have improved. The districts have established a water and sanitation service (SMEA) which gives the communes a focal point for WASH issues, and the regular monitoring of progress.

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Total capital require and committed for the 2030 vision

4. Funding gap and investment needs for drinking water supply and sanitation in schools and health care facilities by 2030 (2020)

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