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Back to where it all started: launching the monitoring book in Ethiopia

Published on: 20/04/2015

"We went back to where it all started: the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy of the Government of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa," says IRC's Ton Schouten. This week the monitoring book 'From Infrastructure to Services'  was launched in Ethiopia. In the coming 4 years, IRC will keep supporting the Government of Ethiopia and has the unique chance to work from its own office in the Ministry. 

Exactly two years ago the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy of the Government of Ethiopia hosted a symposium around monitoring to make water and sanitation services sustainable. The papers and presentations on the symposium formed the basis of the recently published monitoring book by IRC: From Infrastructure to Services. The book contains essential reading for anyone who needs to know how to strengthen the monitoring of water supply, sanitation and hygiene services in developing countries. This week it was launched at this special place – at the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy in Addis Ababa - where it all began.  

And there is more: In the coming 4 years IRC has the unique opportunity to support the Government of Ethiopia to further strengthen its national monitoring system. For that purpose the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy has provided IRC with its own office in the Ministry and that is where the launch of the monitoring book took place. Some of the staff present at the launch also participated in the symposium and presented the great work of the Government of Ethiopia in monitoring water and sanitation services. IRC is thrilled to get the chance to work with them another 4 years. 

To find out more about IRC's work in Ethiopia, read the Ethiopia pages. 


About the Monitoring Book

Edited by IRC’s Ton Schouten and Stef Smits, the book reveals important breakthroughs in country-led and country-wide monitoring of rural and small towns water supplies; ICT for monitoring sustainable service delivery; monitoring the finance needed for service delivery; monitoring for sanitation and hygiene; and building coherence in global–regional–national monitoring. It asks: does project monitoring emphasize donor rather than user accountability or is it a necessary stepping stone to better national WASH sector monitoring?

From Infrastructure to Services is based on the proceedings of the 2013 IRC Symposium on  Monitoring sustainable WASH service delivery, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The book costs £34.16 for the hardback and £16.16 for paperback version, excluding VAT and postage. It can be ordered from Practical Action at:

This new book presents state of the art on water and sanitation monitoring.