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Published on: 10/11/2021

The theme for this year is "Valuing Toilets" and its link to improving gender equality, education, human rights, economics, and the environment.

Amidst a global pandemic, basic sanitation and hygiene is now more important than ever. However, achieving such outcomes remains a challenge in many parts of the world. To mark World Toilet Day 2021 and inspire action to tackle these challenges, we will convene a virtual dialogue among countries and other stakeholders to draw attention to the fact that toilets – and the sanitation systems that support them – are underfunded, poorly managed or neglected in many parts of the world, with negative consequences for society.

The event also seeks to highlight the linkages between safe toilets and basic sanitation on improved public health, gender equality, education, economics and environment. It will build on the discussions from preceding years, and advocate for sanitation issues, which are part of Sustainable Development Goal 6, to be a priority in our common agenda.

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