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The Asunafo North 7-year WASH master plan (2023-2030).

TitleWater, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) master plan : Asunafo North Municipal Assembly, Ghana
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsAssembly, ANorth Muni
Pagination64 p. : 19 fig., 31 tab.
Date Published09/2023
PublisherAsunafo North Municipal Assembly and IRC
Place PublishedGoaso, Ghana
Publication LanguageEnglish

The Asunafo North Ahonidie, Nsupa, Asetenapa, Dwumadie (ANANAD) initiative is a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Master Plan that aims to address the current pressing water, sanitation and hygiene challenges, and unlock the immense potential of water resources, sanitation systems, and hygiene practices in communities, schools and health care facilities in the Asunafo North Municipality.

The ANANAD WASH Master Plan goes beyond short-term fixes and conventional approaches. It encapsulates a holistic and integrated framework that combines policy reforms, infrastructure development, behavioural change campaigns and engagements with development partners, Traditional Authorities, communities, schools and health care facilities. By integrating these elements, it is aimed to create a synergy that will not only improve sustainable access to potable water and sanitation services, but also foster a culture of sustainable hygiene practices in the municipality.

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