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TitleRainwater harvesting and water use in the barrios of Tegucigalpa
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsBradford, B, Brand, A
PaginationXI, 60 p.: 11 fig., 6 tab., ill., photogr.
Date Published1991-01-01
Place PublishedTegucigalpa, Honduras
Keywordsbacteriological quality, cab92/1, construction materials, design, escherichia coli, financing, honduras tegucigalpa, peri-urban communities, rainwater storage, recommendations, roof catchment, water yield

Migration from the rural areas of the Honduras to Tegucigalpa, the capital city, has resulted in large quasi-legal settlements on the city fringes called barrios. Since the property titles are non-existant or at best disputable, the barrios cannot petition for public services such as water and sanitation services. Water vendors sell water in these low-income areas in excess of ten times the government price. The barrios are dependent on rainwater as their primary water source. This report outlines a low-cost rainwater harvesting system to catch roof runoff, which is channeled through a gutter to a downpipe into a barrel. Different materials and methods are compared. Problems discussed include pollution from animals and birds, open versus closed storage tanks, stagnant water pooling, and erosion potential from overflowing harvesting systems during exceptionally heavy rains.

Notes44 ref.
Custom 1213.0, 827


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