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TitleRain drops : a new hope
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHalder, J
Pagination14 p. : boxes
Date Published2006-12-01
PublisherNGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation
Place PublishedDhaka, Bangladesh
ISSN Number984323832X
Keywordsacceptance, bangladesh, case studies, community participation, construction, rainwater harvesting, sdiasi, social aspects, sustainability, technology transfer

Millions of people in Bangladesh still do not have access to safe water due to prevalence of many challenges in the water supply sector, like arsenic contamination in groundwater, saline intrusion both in surface and groundwater in the coastal belt, gradual decline of the groundwater table, improper waste management, water-logging, surface water pollution, etc.

The water supply situation of the coastal belt is more complex than in any other part of the country. Considering this reality, NGO Forum promoted in this area new water supply options that are affordable, feasible, compatible and appropriate. As the annual rainfall is higher in the coastal belt, they emphasized on the promotion of the Rain-water Harvesting System as a suitable option for this saline-prone region. The people in this region are accustomed to harvesting rain-water for domestic use since time immemorial, although in a traditional manner. Thus, the Rain-water Harvesting System has quickly been socially accepted by the coastal belt community. Nakshi Kantha, a partner organization of NGO Forum, has taken the initiative for further promotion of the Rain-water Harvesting System under the Shyamnagar upazila.

This publication upholds people's views about the system. It has been proven widely acceptable, both socially and technically, among the respective communities. It is an effort to document the programme implementation process with the objective to share and exchange experiences with other relevant stakeholders, sectoral professionals and individuals. It focuses on the safe drinking water crisis and describes the factors causing the water scarcity in the coastal belt.

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