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TitleQuality of water sources used as drinking water in a Brazilian peri-urban area
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsRazzolini, MTP, Günther, WMR, Peternella, FAdos Santos, S. Rocha, M-, V. Bastos, K, Santos, TFda Silva, Cardoso, MRA
PaginationP. 560 - 566; 1 fig.; 2 tab.
Date Published2011-04-01
Keywordsbrazil sao paulo, clostridium, enterobacteriaceae, escherichia coli, peri-urban communities, rural supply systems, safe water supply, small community supply systems

The objective of this paper was to assess bacteriological quality of drinking water in a peri-urban area located in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, Brazil. A total of 89 water samples were collected from
community plastic tanks and 177 water samples from wells were collected bimonthly, from September 2007 to November 2008, for evaluating bacteriological parameters including: Escherichia coli, Enterococcus and
heterotrophic plate count (HPC). Clostridium perfringens was investigated in a subsample (40 samples from community plastic tank and 40 from wells). E. coli was present in 5 (5.6%) samples from community plastic
tanks (2.0 - 5.1x104 MPN/100mL) and in 70 (39.5%) well samples (2.0 - 8.6x104 MPN/100mL). Thus, these samples were not in accordance with the Brazilian Regulation. Enterococcus was detected in 20 (22.5%)
samples of the community plastic tanks (1 to 79 NC/100mL) and in 142 (80.2%) well samples (1 to >200 NC/100mL). C. perfringens was detected in 5 (12.5%) community plastic tanks samples and in 35 (87.5%)
wells samples (2.2 to >16 MPN/100mL). HPC were above 500 CFU/mL in 5 (5.6%) waters from community plastic tanks. In wells samples, the HPC ranged from <1 to 1.6x104 CFU/mL. The residual chlorine did not attend the standard established in the drinking water legislation (0.2 mg/L), except in 20 (22.5%) samples. These results confirm the vulnerability of the water supply systems in this peri-urban area what is clearly a public health concern. [authors abstract]

NotesWith 25 references
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