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TitlePractitioner-led research in Africa
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHague, NLSNV-The
Pagination13 vol. (332 p. : boxes, fig., tab.)
Date Published2007-01-01
PublisherSNV Netherlands Development Organization
Place PublishedThe Hague, The Netherlands
Keywordsafrica, development cooperation, methodology, netherlands, non-governmental organizations, policies, research, sdipol

The series Practitioner-led research in Africa consists of 13 volumes: 1. Introduction; 2. State and governance - the limits of decentralisation; 3. When does the "shoulder" pass the 'head" - a case of pastoralist political aspirant women in northern Kenya 4. Why women succeed in local politics - the role of the informal to access leadership positions in Tanzania 5. Women as political actors - formal criteria and informal dynamics in electing women councillors in Niger 6. Why pay? - motivators for payment of local market dues in Rwanda and Uganda 7. Leadership makes a difference - comparing local revenues collection in two Benin municipalities 8. Public expenditure tracking in Tanzania at district level - effects on local accountability 9. How not to decentralise - accountability and representation in health boards in Tanzania 10. The parents, the patients and the privileged - accountability and elite capture in schools and clinics in Uganda and Tanzania 11. Will patients be better off with a decentralised basic health service? - effectiveness of a decentralizing basic health service in Burkina Faso 12. How to become partners? - the case of Awassa City Development Alliance in Southern Ethiopia. 13 What makes local government work? - social capital, leadership, participation and ownership in Benin.

NotesIncludes references
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