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TitleMega-slums : the coming sanitary crisis
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsBlack, M
Secondary TitleWaterAid report
Pagination30 p. : fig.
Date Published1994-01-01
Place PublishedLondon, UK
ISSN Number09513466IX
Keywordsappropriate technology, community management, community participation, low-income communities, non-governmental organizations, planning, policies, safe water supply, sanitation, slums

By the year 2000, about half the population of the planet will be urban. Most of the urban growth will take place in the developing world and especially in the 18 so-called mega-cities of 10 million people and more. On present trends these cities will have massive health problems due to the poor sanitary conditions in the shanty towns and slums. These cities will also place an immense pressure on freshwater supplies. This report states that the prevailing trends could provoke a sanitary crisis with global implications. The report deals with the problem of sanitation in the first part and presents the response in the second part. To avert this crisis there is not only a need for additional funds but more fundamentally a change of attitude and policy. With vision, appropriate technology and political commitment, it is possible to bring about a global urban sanitary revolution similar to the one of 19th century Europe.

NotesIncludes references
Custom 1205.42, 305.42
Original PublicationThirsty cities : water, sanitation and the urban poor


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