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These outputs of the peer-to-peer learning community share specific experiences and knowledge on WASH and climate change with the aim to strengthen capacities and knowledge around WASH and climate issues within the WASH SDG consortium.

Below are a series of briefing notes from the webinars held with the partners. 

  1. Climate change, water resources, and WASH of [July 2022] discussion led by Vincent Casey and the three case studies
  2. Sanitation and climate change [May and bonus session in July] discussion led by Prof. Barbara Evans and the two case studies
  3. Climate Finance and WASH. Discussion led by Dr. Catarina Fonseca and the case study on Bangladesh presented by our colleague Alok Kumar. 
  4. Advocacy and Influencing. Discussion led by Elynn Walter (IRC) and Evita Rozenberg (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands) 
  5. Consolidation - Reflective session looking back, and knowledge exchange [Briefing Note still in progress]
TitleLearning and knowledge development Climate change and WASH
Publication TypeBriefing Note
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsAlliance, WASH
Secondary AuthorsNaafs, A, Grift, V
Place PublishedThe Netherlands
Keywordsadvocacy, climate change; adaptation and mitigation measures, Finance, Influencing, sanitation, WASH, water resources management

This resource shares a series of Briefing notes produced from the different topics [Climate Finance and WASH, Sanitation and climate change, Climate change, water resources, and WASH, Advocacy and Influencing and the Consolidation process ] of the webinars about the work with the WASH SDG Consortium partners as part of Learning and knowledge development for Cklimate Change and WASH.


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