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TitleHealth aspects of plumbing
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWHO -Geneva, CH, World Health Organization, World Plumbing Council -Geneva, CH, WPC
Paginationx,129 p. : 10 fig., 15 fig.
Date Published2006-01-01
PublisherWorld Health Organization (WHO)
Place PublishedGeneva, Switzerland
ISBN Number9241563184
Keywordscase studies, sdihyg, sdisan, sdiwat

A drinking-water supply systems consists of three major elements : source, treatment and distribution to the users. Contamination can occur in any of those segments and has to be avoided, and the continuous delivery of water to the consumer’s entry point in a safe and esthetical way has to be assured. To achieve the best possible plumbing levels and to ensure the highest benefits from the use of sound plumbing practices, the process involving the design, installation and maintenance of effective plumbing is here described. A number of plumbing system design and installation specifications for single, multiple and multi-storey dwellings that have demonstrated their validity from years of experience are here recommended and explained, as well as plumbing systems for industrial and temporary applications and storm water drainage. The major risk management approaches that are used in the plumbing industry and the importance of measures to conserve supplies of safe drinking water are outlined. The microbiological, chemical, physical and financial risks associated with plumbing are examined .


This publication, aiming at administrators and plumbers working in areas that are served by a mains drinking-water supply or sewerage system, or about to install these, should be of particular value to those working in countries and areas that are in the early stage of introducing effective plumbing systems. While it draws attention to the problems of drinking-water supply and waste removal in developing countries and outlines some of the strategies currently used, it does not systematically cover issues specific to developing countries.

Notes25 ref. - Includes glossary and index


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