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Published on: 24/08/2014

There are many "firsts" in the Annual Report 2012. It is the first to work with IRC's new Monitoring & Learning system; the first to report against IRC's four business goals; the first to address the reporting requirements of both DGIS and the INGO Accountability Charter; and the first to provide links to selected web features and articles.


  • The introduction discusses IRC's new focus and revitalised efforts.
  • The highlights section gives a brief overview of IRC's main achievements in 2012.
  • Adoption of a Service Delivery Approach (Goal 1) - the uptake and use of service delivery concepts by other actors are helping IRC in achieving its vision.
  • Sector Adoption of Learning and Adaptation (Goal 2) - IRC wants the sector to adopt a strong learning and adaptive approach to service delivery.
  • Aid Effectiveness (Goal 3) - IRC is working towards improved aid effectiveness.
  • Inter-Sectoral Dialogue and Alignment (Goal 4) - IRC actively pursues inter-sectoral collaboration and dialogue.
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