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Published on: 24/03/2014

2007 was a year in which a number of major changes were successfully concluded. The most important were the legal disengagement from the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, the adoption of a new governance structure with a new Supervisory Board and the start of a new business plan period 2007-2011, and various changes to the internal organisation.

In addition to these change drivers, IRC experienced growth in 2007. The trend of growing interest in IRC's main knowledge areas such as Finance, Transparency, Multiple Use Services, was strong. It was accompanied by new funding for further developing and mainstreaming these knowledge areas in the sector. All this has had a profound impact on IRC itself, the magnitude of which started to become clear in later in the year.

IRC's staff contingent grew in 2007 to 42.4 full time equivalents, up from 38.5 in the previous year.

Financially 2007 has been a good year in which we achieved our financial targets. Most significant was the increase of funding from partners other than DGIS by 84%, slightly above budget.

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