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Published on: 26/09/2017

Faecal sludge can be safely re-used as fertiliser, biogas and electricity. By adding other sources such as animal and agricultural waste plus enzymes you can actually produce energy much more efficiently than with either wind turbines or solar cells. Based on innovative research that his team carried out Bangladesh, Ton sees great potential in converting faecal sludge into commercially viable end-products while at the same improving health and reducing greenhouse gasses. To know more listen to the podcast.

Mr Antonie (Ton) de Wilde is an Investment Committee member of the Mekong Brahmaputra Clean Development Fund LP. He is also the director and shareholder with Cozumel Energy Uganda and a managing partner of PT Trumi Lestari Indonesia (Truli). PT Truli brings together international and Indonesian experience in project development of waste to energy projects with a focus on palm oil waste and municipal solid waste. In addition to that, Ton is a member of IRC’s Supervisory Board

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