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Published on: 20/03/2017

IRC's podcast series WASH Talk shares ideas on changes the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector has to make in order to contribute to achieving universal access by 2030. Experts from across the globe are involved in open discussions on their specific expertise and experiences.

In the second episode Bill Kingdom (World Bank) and Fred Muhumuza (Development Economist and Political Analyst) talk about the challenges around financing water and sanitation services and the importance of public finance in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

Bill KingdomBill Kingdom is the Global Lead for Water Supply and Sanitation in the Water Global Practice of the World Bank. During his career in the sector he has worked extensively in South and East Asia, the Middle East, UK, USA, and Canada. Bill is working to ensure that leading edge knowledge, people, and practices, both inside and outside the Bank, are made readily accessible to task teams so that they can give Bank clients the best support possible.  

He has led urban and rural water supply and sanitation investment projects, supported regulators, provided policy advice and implemented a number of innovative PPP projects including small town and performance based leakage reduction contracts in Vietnam, and a novel approach to deliver 24/7 water supplies in India. He has authored many papers including on the characteristics of well-run utilities, the role of aggregation in service delivery, performance based leakage control, and the challenges of measuring institutional performance. He is a benchmarking advocate and led the creation of IBNET which is now the world’s largest performance database of water utilities.

Fred Muhumuza is Development Economist and Policy Analyst, he used to work for the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in Uganda.


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