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Published on: 16/01/2010

The BRAC WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) programme aims to reach 37 million people with hygiene education and promotion. This paper describes three community-based strategies for hygiene education:

  1. Cooperation with Imams and the Masjid Council for Community Advancement, so that 12 Khutba (sermons) are delivered in the mosque on hygiene, sanitation and the position of women. 
  2. School hygiene promotion including construction, school brigades (health clubs), training, school committees. 
  3. Folk media. This is carried out by the theatre groups in BRAC’s own Social Development Deportment as well as local folk media groups in the areas where the WASH programme is active.


Authors: Babar Kabir, Sharmin Farhat Ubaid, Mahjabeen Ahmed, Mahidul Islam, Mizanur Rahman and Md. Hasan Ali Mia. 

[Paper written for the South Asia Hygiene practioners’ workshop, 1 – 4 February 2010, Dhaka, Bangladesh]

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