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Published on: 02/06/2020

20 consortia have reached the next round of the Government of Netherlands' Strengthening Civil Society Power of Voices investment programme. IRC congratulates them on their achievement. IRC and a consortia of 11 members that includes Dutch-based Simavi, Akvo, Amref and 40 Southern and global civil society organisations across 11 countries, did not proceed to the next round.

IRC remains determined to work with and champion the role of civil society organisations in tackling the global water and sanitation crisis. Their voice is central to our mission.

The current pandemic has been a powerful reminder that solving access to safe water and sanitation is essential in providing the personal, social and economic wellbeing of the most vulnerable people on the planet and the health and economic safety of everyone else. Never has the need to take action on this been so globally significant or urgent.

We are an organisation that is proud of its roots in the Netherland's globally recognised ingenuity and expertise in water management. We will continue to work in partnership with the Government of Netherlands, our Dutch NGO colleagues and our Southern civil society partners to achieve sustainable WASH services for the poorest on the planet by 2030 and to meet the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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