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Published on: 12/03/2024

 Water for Good CEO Jon Allen (l) and Lifewater International CEO (r) announce merger

Water for Good CEO Jon Allen (l) and Lifewater International CEO (r) announce merger (Vimeo video still)

The One For All Alliance (OFA) has grown thanks to Water for Good’s merger with Lifewater International. The merger has added a new country – Cambodia, 2.5 million more people and US$ 6.7 million extra revenue to OFA. Furthermore, the Alliance’s presence in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda will be strengthened thanks to the presence of Lifewater International staff.

Lifewater International and Water for Good merged into one, effective on the 1st of January 2024. According to their press release “the decision to merge stems from a collective vision to expedite the provision of sustainable, safe water and enhanced sanitation and hygiene practices across underserved regions”.

Dave LeVan, CEO of Lifewater, is CEO of the new organisation, which will operate under the name Water for Good. The new organisation will serve communities in Cambodia, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Global headquarters will be located in Bentonville, Arkansas, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“The heart of what we do is ending water poverty and improving health by providing sustainable, safe water, and improved sanitation and hygiene in the most vulnerable communities,” said LeVan. “We believe that together, as one organisation, we can do that faster and more effectively.”

Since its establishment in 1977, Lifewater International has impacted the lives of over 2.5 million people across multiple countries. Lifewater is renowned for its innovative Vision of a Healthy Village model, which underscores the importance of a holistic approach to water, sanitation and hygiene. The commitment to sustainability ensures that safe water solutions are provided and maintained effectively.

IRC and Water For People founded One For All in 2021, with Water for Good joining two years later in 2023. One For All’s ambitious plan counts on local impact and strong country systems to contribute to sustained or improved services for 200 million people by 2030.

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Read the press release: Lifewater International and Water for Good announce merger, 14 February 2024

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