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Published on: 19/05/2022

IRC WASH Ethiopia launched a new project under Agenda for Change intended to build on previous work in South Ari Woreda. IRC WASH Ethiopia has supported South Ari Woreda since 2017 under the Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership (SWS). During the five-year implementation of SWS, WASH actors in the woreda conducted dozens of learning alliance meetings and developed a WASH SDG master plan. To achieve at least basic WASH service in the woreda by 2030, the master plan identified new WASH infrastructure needed and detailed life-cycle costs to understand what is needed to maintain the existing infrastructure.

Participants at the launch meeting in Jinka, Ethiopia, on 27 April 2022

To implement the master plan and achieve the goals, ETB 1.41 billion (USD 26.9 million) is needed. The Agenda for Change district-wide approach project is aimed at supporting the woreda WASH actors in implementing the master plan through capacity building and strengthening the local WASH systems. The district-wide approach project is being rolled out in Ethiopia and Rwanda with IRC WASH and WaterAid starting their implementation in seven identified woredas and at the national level in Ethiopia.

The project launch was held in Jinka on April 27, 2022, in the presence of South Ari Woreda and South Omo Zone WASH sector office representatives and the South Ari Woreda Head. The need for integration between government, NGOs working in WASH, and the community underlined the event. According to the South Ari Woreda Head, Azmera Wudneh, the project is a good opportunity to integrate the efforts of government, NGOs, and the community and improve the woreda’s WASH status. South Omo Zone’s Water, Mine and Energy Office Head, Workineh Kerma, said that the project will create an opportunity for modern planning, monitoring, and reporting systems in an integrated manner.

After the launch event, a separate discussion was held with the woreda WASH sector offices. They agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with all the WASH actors in the woreda to serve as a reference document throughout project implementation. They also mentioned the need to use the WASH SDG master plan as a foundation document for woreda WASH planning, monitoring, and reporting. The woreda administration, health office, education office, finance office, IRC WASH, and NGOs supporting WASH in the woreda will be signatories of the MoU.

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